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Volcano 2000

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Volcano 2000


With an "avant-garde" appearance, the evaporator is designed to facilitate use with a complete control panel that is precise, assuring maximum performance and rigorous quality control of your maple syrup.

A product to be proud of in a long line of superior quality evaporators. The Volcano 2000 combines the efficient features of the Volcano with modern control instruments that assure efficient use of energy and a high quality finish product.

Sizes available: from 2 1/2’ X 8’ to 6’ X 16’
  • Draft control on the smoke stack
  • Exterior is completely 304 stainless steel
  • Control switch (high + low), fire on 701 and 801 burners
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Key type ignition for start up, with security lock
  • In-operation hour meter
  • Port hole allows you to see the flame
  • Junction box allows for a quick and easy hook up of the burners
  • Insulated burner cover to cut the noise
  • Electric plug for thermoregulator and other uses
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