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Over the years Donald Lapierre has created a host of inventions, including the following examples :


First reliable mechanical extractor used to collect maple sap.

1976       First to introduce a SIHI water cooled vacuum pump in the maple syrup industry.
1976       First plastic mechanical extractor in service. Thus rustproof, durable, and affordable.

First vertical transfer tank. The concept is to maintain vacuum on longer distances separating water and air to increase efficiency.

1986       Conception of a vacuum regulator allowing an easier regularity throughout the system.
1986       Self sufficient pumping stations combining vacuum pump and water pump to a gas or diesel engine thus eliminating the use of electricity.

Pressure control invented to automatically adjust pressure inside collectors during washing.

1986       Practical collector for the Zero type vacuum tank.
1987       Development of an R.O. really adapted to the maple industry. With it’s individual and efficient recirculation system, this system was able to operate all day without cleaning or rinsing.
1987       Developing storage canisters conceived to transport and protect membranes during the off season.
1989       Developing the Sirofiltre-Lapierre (Cylindrical syrup filter) allowing reducing cleaning and filter changing to less than a minute.
Efficient, user friendly and portable, it is still very popular today.
1991       Appearance of the large capacity Lapierre cylindrical filter conceived to pre-filter sap before the concentrator membranes.
1991       Development of a horizontal extractor series just as efficient as the vertical but easier to clean.
1994       Improvement of the pressure control used for tubing cleaning in order  to optimize the precision and durability of the equipment.
1994       Development of a moisture trap designed to protect oil cooled pumps from water damage.
1996       Development of a new family of turbine driven over-pressure pumps     designed for various apps. Simple and quiet, those were an instant success.
1996       Development of a vacuum power sap piston pump. Designed to pump sap on long distance reverse slopes without electricity.
1996       Development of a vacuum control for high output pumps.
1996       Development of an automatic water pump starter control to use inside sap tanks.
1997       Creation of a new R.O. line driven by Lapierre high output turbine pumps.
2005       Electrical pneumatic extractor affording the possibility of out of extractor pumping at high vacuum levels.
2006       Development of a sap lifter ; an excellent alternative to sap ladder used for reverse slope.
2007       Development of the first mechanical extractor designed for smaller operations.  The Hobby 500 is made for 500 taps or less.
2007       Development of an R.O. membrane horizontal support facilitating the job, operation and maintenance while reducing the space needed for the reverse osmosis room.
2008       Development of the Lapierre Junior R.O. created for small operations; two (2) models available being 100 gph and 200 gph.

Year in and year out Donald Lapierre has conceived fitting for the maple industry such as the slide fitting and the elbow hook for end-line.

Also, since the merge with Waterloo Small several innovations have been brought forth on the evaporators such as the universal pans,
high capacity direct action float boxes and the new Turbo-2 evaporator to name a few.


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